*NEW* Purchase a Pre-Paid Shipping Label

PIFB is pleased to announce that we have a new option to make donating equipment even easier!

  1. Purchase a pre-paid shipping label through our website.  Choose between a small (up to 10 lbs.) or large (up to 20 lbs.) box (or both).
  2. Gather up your gear and place it in any box you have laying around the house.
  3. Print a Donation Form so we can thank you properly.
  4. Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive an email with your label. Print the label and affix it to the box.  Don’t forget the Donation Form!
  5. Schedule a pick up or drop off your box at USPS – no waiting in line!

You will get notifications once your box is picked up by USPS and received by PIFB.

To purchase the 10 Pounder

The 10 Pounder can fit approximately 5 gloves and 10 baseballs or any similar combination.

To purchase the 20 Pounder

The 20 Pounder can fit 1 Ball Bucket, 9 Baseballs, 2 Catcher’s gloves, 3 Bats, and 1 Catcher’s set (1 mask, 1 chest protector, 1 pair of shinguards)