Discounted Shipping

PIFB is pleased to announce that we are extending our generous (75%-85%) UPS discount to help make donating equipment even easier!

  1. Print a Donation Form so we can thank you properly.
  2. Pack up your gear and place it in any box(es) you have laying around the house.
  3. Measure box dimensions (height, width, length)
  4. Weigh boxes
  5. Call or email PIFB with above information.  PIFB will provide an estimated cost for shipping.  If the cost is agreeable, PIFB will send a shipping reimbursement link (shipping costs for donations are tax deductible!)
  6. Once payment is received, PIFB will email you the labels
  7. Drop off at a UPS location or request PIFB to schedule a pick up.

You will get notifications once your box arrives at PIFB.  PIFB will provide an acknowledgement for tax purposes.