School-Based Programs

Baseball/softball is a powerful vehicle for youth development, teaching important life lessons like teamwork, respect, keeping a commitment, and how to win and lose. It helps build self-confidence, offers a constructive alternative for the key after-school hours, and gives kids positive role models in their coaches. However, due to budget limitations/deficits many schools and communities have had to eliminate non-academic after-school and recreation programs.  Seasonal sports like baseball/softball are often the first to go.

Launched in 2008, Pitch In For Baseball’s School-Based Program is designed to help schools and districts stretch limited budgets so that they can start, continue, and/or start baseball and/or softball programs.  Our goal is to reduce the financial burden for both schools/districts AND for kids and families by providing all of the gear needed to play.

Our School-Based Programs also give us a better sense of our impact.  PIFB currently has formal programs in Philadelphia, PA and Minneapolis/St. Paul school districts in Minneapolis. Below are the results from our 2015 programs in each city:


$100,000 worth of equipment to 50 programs at 36 schools, helping 1,500 kids play ball

  • 94% of students live in poverty
  • 51% of students had not played before
  • 71% of students improved attendance
  • 65% of student improved GPA


Minneapolis/St. Paul:

$20,000 worth of equipment to 21 programs at 6 schools, helping 500 kids play ball

  • 76% of students live in poverty
  • 53% of students had not played before
  • 59% of students improved attendance
  • 42% of student improved GPA


During 2016, we will be expanding to two more locations in Detroit, MI and the Bronx, NYC.