How It Works

Pitch In For Baseball has helped nearly half a million boys and girls around the world play baseball and softball. Whether it is a school, youth baseball organization, team, or a volunteer stationed overseas, we will work with anyone who wants to give kids the joy of baseball/softball.

We only have two criteria to assess eligibility:

  • The program must serve economically disadvantaged kids (18 and under)
  • Should your group be awarded an equipment grant, you must be able to cover the cost of shipping and related customs/taxes/fees (international projects)

We provide gloves, bats, balls, bases, catcher’s gear and uniforms. All we ask for in return is for grantees to complete a year-end report. We reward based on the quality of the report. For details about our Partners Rewards Program, Click Here.

Things we don’t support:

  • Competitive travel teams (the type focused on showcases, scouting, etc.)
  • Programs for adults
  • Individual families/children

Does your group qualify? Start my application! (this should be a button, taking them to the questions that will land them in the right application)


Is this project benefiting kids outside of the United States?

Yes No (choose one)

If they choose Yes — automatically direct to international application

If they choose No, direct to the next question:

Tell us who you are: (check all that apply)
Little League International
RBI/Boys & Girls Club
Other [fill in, text box]

LL, RBI, and Other will get directed to the General Application (see attached).

Schools will get directed to the School Application. (see attached)