Strategic Partners

Our Strategic Partners provide monetary and/or equipment donations valuing $25,000 or more during 2014–2015, but more importantly, they share our belief that any child who wants to play baseball or softball should have the opportunity to do so.


Hansen Foundation
The Hansen Foundation recently made a four-year commitment of $50,000 per year to help PIFB increase revenue. This partnership matches all NEW dollars donated to Pitch In For Baseball.

If you supported PIFB years ago or increase your annual gift, the Hansen Foundation will match those dollars 1:1.


The Rod Dedeaux Foundation Rod Dedeaux Foundation Logo
With generous support from the Dedeaux Foundation, PIFB now has a West Coast Warehouse in Los Angeles, CA.  The Foundation’s support provides the physical space as well as operations staff.  This second facility will greatly increase PIFB’s ability to accept more donations and to serve more children and communities in need.  To read more about this unique partnership, click here.



logo.homepage (1)Little League Baseball International
Little League has been a PIFB partner since 2005, impacting tens of thousands of children around the globe. In 2014, Little League and longtime LL sponsor supported 7 large scale donations to 6 urban initiatives in the U.S. (Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Chicago, Charlotte, Syracuse, and Jersey City) and one international location (Philippines), helping thousands of kids play ball. In the Philippines, where equipment is virtually impossible to purchase, PIFB sent 12 pallets of equipment that will benefit 6,000+ children.


la_1200x6301-290x300Los Angeles Dodgers
In 2015, the Dodgers chose PIFB as the equipment partner for the sophomore year of their RBI program. Dodgers RBI aims to impact 6,000 Los Angeles children by the end of 2016 and they are more than two-thirds there. In addition, former Phillies’ SS and current Dodger, Jimmy Rollins, filmed a PSA to promote Pitch in for Baseball.



mlb-logo-300x182Major League Baseball
A partner since 2011, PIFB works with MLB in numerous ways. PIFB has help Major League Baseball’s Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) program to expand hundreds of teams across the country, helping thousands of kids play ball in the United States. We are also the official equipment collection partner for the 2014 and upcoming 2015 All-Star Game FanFest.


MatMattingly Charitiestingly Charities

Mattingly Charities and Pitch In For Baseball have a shared goal: to get more kids on the field. PIFB will serve as a program partner, helping to expand the reach and impact of Mattingly Charities. This charitable partnership will enable both Mattingly Charities and Pitch In For Baseball help more kids get on the field.  To learn more, click here.


New Yorktop-hat-logo Yankees
The New York Yankees held a press conference on July 3 during which Zack Hample, the fan who retrieved Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000th hit on June 19, presented the ball to Rodriguez and the Yankees presented Pitch in for Baseball with a donation of $150,000.  To see video of the press conference, click here.



NorthMarq Capital
NorthMarq Capital began supporting PIFB in 2013 to assist with Sandy relief efforts. NorthMarq has renewed their support by making a 3-year commitment to PIFB to expand baseball and softball in urban communities in partnership with Little League.


State 6866770_GFarm
In 2014, PIFB and State Farm worked together to support MLB RBI programs in 13 different communities in the U.S. This year, State Farm has invested in PIFB to implement the Disaster Relief “Assist” pilot program aimed at helping children in State Farm communities recover from the unexpected event through baseball.


94537 Wilson Sporting Goods
In 2014, Wilson Sporting Goods launched the Get a Glove, Give a Glove campaign, which gives their customers to shop and support PIFB’s efforts to increase access to baseball and softball for kids around the globe. This unique program provides one glove for each Glove of the Month purchased, providing 1,000 gloves in 2014, and an anticipated 2,000 gloves in 2015. In addition, Wilson offers PIFB exclusive, deeply discounted rates for new equipment. To learn more about the partnership, click here.





We want to help as many boys and girls around the globe play ball but have limited resources. Collaborators are those partners that help us get increase awareness and broaden our reach either through financial support and/or community equipment collection events.


Baseball-Tomorrow-Fund1Baseball Tomorrow Fund
The Baseball Tomorrow Fund (BTF) and Major League Baseball Clubs organize the collection of new and used equipment from fans, players and staff to benefit organizations in need. BTF provides a $5,000 grant for Clubs to direct to community organizations to purchase new equipment. A partner since 2009, the Baseball Tomorrow Fund’s Equipment Day has facilitated truckloads of equipment and donated more than $25,000 in grant funding to PIFB.



20080614093925!NLC-CIN-LogoCincinnati Reds
For the 2015 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, PIFB is partnering with the Reds to organize a large-scale equipment collection, involving a contest to engage children in philanthropy. Equipment collected will support both the Cincinnati community and the Urban Academy as well as locations around the world.



min_1200x630-e1433950608444Minnesota Twins
Pitch In For Baseball is led by Board President Roy Smalley, a former Twins All-Star shortstop. The Twins support PIFB with equipment collected during a community drive, support from the Twins Community Fund, directing grants from the Baseball Tomorrow Fund, and providing resources for the growing PIFB partnership with Minneapolis and St. Paul school districts.



phi_1200x630Philadelphia Phillies
The Phillies’ have been a partner since 2007, providing financial support and hosting an equipment collection, enabling PIFB to have a greater impact locally. In August 2015, in celebration of our 10th birthday, PIFB is holding a community fundraising event at a Phillies’ game to celebrate with our donors and groups we have supported over the years.


Zack Hample baseball tower Zack Hample
A PIFB supporter since 2010, Zack Hample is a writer, blogger, and professional ballhawk.  Zack has snagged 8,000+ baseballs. Each year, Zack appeals to his fans to sponsor him per ball he catches during the regular season.  Over the course of the partnership, Zack has raised more than $200,000 for PIFB.  On June 19th, Zack made history for snagging Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000th hit HR ball.