How It Works

Pitch In For Baseball has helped over 800,000 boys and girls around the world play baseball and softball. Whether it is a school, youth baseball organization, team, or a volunteer stationed overseas, we will work with anyone who wants to give kids the joy of baseball/softball.

We only have two criteria to assess eligibility:

  • The program must serve economically disadvantaged kids (18 and under)
  • Should your group be awarded an equipment grant, you must be able to cover the cost of shipping and related customs/taxes/fees (international projects)

We provide all the necessary equipment that you need to expand or begin your program. However, often times we have limited quantities of the most in demand items (baseballs, gloves, etc.). Additionally, PIFB does not fulfill any requests for pitching machines, netting, or field maintenance equipment. We will do our best to fulfill your application to the best of our abilities but it is dependent upon our inventory levels throughout the year.

Things we don’t support:

  • Competitive travel teams (the type focused on showcases, scouting, etc.)
  • Programs for adults
  • Individual families/children


Get Started

Applications that are received for the 2020 season will be held for review until October 2019. PIFBS staff will reach out beginning in October to schedule time to discuss your application.

Equipment Grant Application (U.S.)

If your program, school, team, or league is in the U.S

School Equipment Grant Application

If your school has a financial need and wants to start, expand, or continue baseball programs

International Equipment Grant Application

If your program is located in any country other than the United States

Separate applications are required for baseball AND softball programs. To request softball equipment, click here.