Matthew Completes PIFB’s 1st Equipment Collection Abroad

Part of the Jewish tradition of the bar and bat mitzvah, is the completion of a mitzvah project, when a young person gives back to his/her community in a meaningful way. While Matthew could have taken the easy route by starting a fundraiser to buy baseball and softball equipment for kids in need, he opted to challenge himself by starting an equipment drive in his community.

The Baseball Center – New York, NY

In June 2016, massive flooding caused by more than 10 inches of rain within a 24 hour span destroyed thousands of homes and displaced entire communities. Within the destruction, schools were condemned and local youth baseball and softball organizations lost everything including equipment, concession stands, and fields. After learning about the floods, the Baseball Center felt compelled to help. The Baseball Center hosted a Hit-a-Thon and online fundraiser that raised more than $15,000 to support teams in West Virginia.

Michael Collects 1,000 Pieces of Equipment!

For his Mitzvah Project, Michael chose to collect equipment to support PIFB. Michael was able to collect over 1,000 pieces of equipment to donate to PIFB and his family made the drive from Connecticut to visit our Pennsylvania warehouse and drop off the gear!

Darien Youth Baseball and Softball – Darien, CT

Taking the uniforms off their backs, Darien (CT) Little League has generously supported PIFB since 2010 (maybe longer). Each year team moms collect, clean, bag and repurpose 50+ sets of uniforms for shipment to Pitch In For Baseball. Wearing a uniform is a special part of being on a team and they believe every child should have that experience. In 2014, Darien’s uniforms outfitted 5 teams, including a team of children at a small school in Nicaragua (pictured to the left).

Zach DeWitt collects 600+ pieces of equipment for PIFB.

For his Mitzvah project, Zach wanted to make sure that all kids could have a chance to play ball. Zach coordinated 3 community events and the response was amazing!

What can you do to help?

There are several ways you can help Pitch In For Softball...

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