Joel, Philippines

Last year, Joel continuously cut class to fight on the streets. When he joined the baseball team, he was able to turn his attention not only towards the team, but to academics and helping to teach younger children the game of baseball. His attendance and grades have significantly increased as a result of playing ball.

Leonardo – Dominican Republic

Orphaned at 13 after losing both parents, Leonardo, his brother and two sisters struggled to survive. Leonardo often wandered the streets alone. He had severe anemia from extreme malnutrition. While recovering, Leonardo would watch the kids playing ball. PIFB gave Leonardo the proper gear to play baseball and he has flourished. He is a team leader and wants to learn as much as he can about the art of pitching. Now he spends his time playing catch with friends instead of getting into trouble.

Wilfredo and Eddy – Honduras

Nine-year-old twins, Wilfredo and Eddy have had their fair share of heartache. Shortly after moving to Ecuador with their dad, he was diagnosed with cancer and returned to the U.S. for treatment. The boys went back to Honduras. A year later, the boys returned to Ecuador with their dad. Tragically, his health declined and he passed away two months later. The boys were devastated. They lost interest in soccer (a game they played with their dad) and stuck to each other. Desperate, their mom signed them up for baseball. Baseball has revived them.

Sioux Community – Rosebud, SD

Each year, the Arizona Diamondbacks host an Inter-Tribal Youth Baseball and Softball tournaments for Native American kids ages 9-18. The Rosebud Boys & Girls Club out of the Sioux Community in South Dakota raised funds to send 15 kids, but had limited equipment and no uniforms. PIFB provided the team with gloves, uniform pants, cleats, and other needed equipment. Many of the boys had never been on a plane or even left their communities.

LA Monarch Girls Baseball, Los Angeles

When longtime baseball fan and Los Angeles native Gillian realized that the area had many girls who wanted to continue playing baseball, she formed the LA Monarchs, a girls only baseball team. With a number of girls coming from low income families, many of them struggle to pay the minimal participation fee and cannot afford equipment. PIFB was able to help with their equipment needs and keep the girls on the field.

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